The Western Cape Umbrella Association For Conservation of Private Land

Conservation is a group effort

Conservation at Work is a Non-Profit Organisation that promotes and supports the conservation of private land in the Western Cape.

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Posted 23 March 2016
Cultivation of new lands on virgin ground or old lands that have not been worked and are older than 10 years.
Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act, 1983 (No 43 of 1983) and... Full Article
Posted 23 March 2016
The KOUP Area Wide Planning Project is creating employment for 28 people, providing them with an income for up to eight months of the year, depending on the availability of funding. Since 2011, the... Full Article
Posted 21 March 2016
Event Date: 7th April 2016 (All day)
SWELLENDAM/Overberg open training day 
We hereby invite you, all conservation-minded landowners and practitioners, and all Conservancy members and their senior staff to attend the 2016... Full Article