The Western Cape Umbrella Association For Conservation of Private Land

About Us

Who we are


Our members consist of conservancies and conservation minded landowners of the Western Cape.  See map under the About us Section for more information. 

Bridget Johnsen

C@W Vice-Chairperson

Initiater of the Paardeberg Sustainability Initiative. Being conscientised by Mr De Berg-Whyte’s Wildlife and pollution films way back in 1972 at Epworth Primary School in KZN led me as a teenager to Wilderness Leadership School at Umgeni Valley Ranch.

Chris Gow

Christoper Edwart Gow

C@W Garden Route Regional Representation

Chairman, Western Heads/ Goukamma Conservancy. Passionate about Nature, as the poet Byron put it, "I love not Man the less, but Nature more" and sustainability.

Di Marais

C@W Secretary

Chairperson of Schapenberg Sir Lowry’s Conservancy. Always loved nature and committed to conservation after seeing devastation caused by regrowth of alien trees after a huge fire threatening the natural vegetation.

Liz Eglington

C@W Chairperson

Farmer and owner of the first certified organic olive and chilli farm in South Africa. Liz is a pioneer of organic farming in South Africa. With a deep love of the earth instilled from an idyllic childhood on a Zimbabwean farm, Liz Eglington has made organic farming her mission in life.